Our vision

    The Yari Foundation's mission is to enable socially and economically marginalized children in Iran a chance to complete their education, thus giving them a chance to fulfil their own potential and create a future for them self.
    Education is not only the key out of poverty and a necessity for creating an inclusive and sustainable future. Education will also empower each and every individual so they can empower others.
    For many of these families the cost of an education with student fees, school books and travel expenses are just too great to bare. We target children who are about to drop out of school or does not have the means to even start it, thus proactively helping before the damage to the children's life has happened. The scholarship from the Yari Foundation provides an opportunity for these families to give their children a hopeful future.

    What we do?

    Yari provides a scholarship of ~22 USD a month for children between 6-19 years. This amount is intended to cover school fees, books and travel expenses and leave a margin for additional related costs. It’s a Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) which means that in return for the transfer Yari requires proof of attendance. Want to know more about CCT’s and why it’s such an effective way of donating.

    Who we are?

    Yari is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization that was created in 1999 by a small group of friends in Sweden that thought it would be better to collectively extend help to those in need rather than individually.
    The organization started by providing scholarships to four children and has since helped thousands of children to a better brighter future. The key to success for Yari has been to think in terms of a modern structured company while keeping charity at the heart and core of its mission.
    Yari doesn’t work for profit but works hard to ensure that every dollar is being spent in the most efficient and effective way. This is the mindset that runs through everything Yari does. The organization's board and most of Yari:S staff are volunteers which has prompted the organization to optimize the way it uses its staff. The volunteers consists of a number of professionals in a wide range of professions with expertise in communications, IT, organisational- and process development statistics, data analysis, management and education. Everyone contributes with their expertise - this allows Yari to use time in a efficient way for the best possible effect for our childrens.
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    Our organization

    At the top of Yari’s organization is our board through which all decisions have to be approved. The board is elected by Yari’s members on an annual basis. Besides the board, Yari’s work is performed by six main operational groups:
    • Back office manages overall back office administration, economy and applications for grants.
    • The IT group develops and maintains Yari’s IT systems. The members of this group are all IT professionals and have different engineering and technical backgrounds.
    • The help Committee is of Yari’s core groups since its responsibility includes identifying new children in need, vetting them, following up on the progress of the children under Yari’s sponsorship, distribution of funds to the children and their general well-being.
    An important sub-group here is the Coordination Group in Iran, which consists of a central organization in Tehran and many field workers distributed throughout Iran who work directly with the children.
    • The member center is responsible for all member communication and works with Yari’s members (a majority of them sponsors). This includes making sure new members are enrolled into our system, follow up on payments and helping a member with any questions they might have.
    • Communications and marketing works with Yari’s external communication to promote our different offers and campaigns for e.g. our events, new sponsors etc.
    • The Event and culture group manages our cultural events. The group arranges and participates in several events, most notably the annual Iranian Film festival in Stockholm, Sweden which attracts a great deal of attention both locally and internationally

    How we distribute funds, verify and measure the children's progress

    Twice a year, the help committee looks over Yari’s income, growth and existing capital to calculate and predict how many children we should be able to support by the year end. The amount that each child is receiving in the local currency is also revised to account for inflation and increase in other costs.
    The core operational process in Yari is the Sponsor Child process. This process makes sure funds are distributed to the children under Yari’s support and controls that the children have actually attended school. The process is described in the above figure “Sponsor Child process”.

    How we fund Yari

    Yari is funded in different ways:
    • Sponsorship programs
    • Events of different sorts & cultural grants for them
    • Sponsorships from the public sector and private companies

    At the heart of Yari’s funding is the child sponsorship program where private individuals sponsor a child with a specific monthly sum. The sponsorship program is supplemented by the surplus income we get from arranging different cultural activities (for instance the annual Iranian Film Festival in Sweden) and donations and sponsorships from private corporations.

    One of Yaris core principles is that 100% of public donations goes to the children and hence depend on private donors, foundations and sponsors to cover everything from staff salaries to it systems, marketing to office rent and supplies. These donors are some of our most dedicated: their investment fuels our long-term mission, our ability to scale as an organization and our mission to continue using 100% of public donations for the children and their education.

    Our Team

    Our team consists of highly talented, driven professionals, donating their time and professional knowledge to help drive our organization so that we can help more children. Neither our board members nor our employees receive any monetary compensation.

    Ali Atigheforoush
    Ali AtigheforoushBoard member
    David Khabbazi
    David KhabbaziCommunication Responsible
    Siavoush Mohammadi
    Siavoush MohammadiBoard Chairman
    Faramarz Nilfouroushan
    Faramarz NilfouroushanBoard Member
    Haleh Nowroozi
    Haleh NowrooziBoard Member
    Hossein Enssi
    Hossein EnssiBoard Member
    Kamyar Forozesh
    Kamyar ForozeshBoard Member
    Mazdak Haghanipour
    Mazdak HaghanipourSocial Media Officer
    Mina Abbasi
    Mina AbbasiBoard Member
    Minna Katebi
    Minna KatebiBoard Member
    Minoo Mohseni
    Minoo MohseniBoard Member
    Mohammadreza Abedi
    Mohammadreza AbediGraphic & Web design
    Parisa Zarnegar
    Parisa ZarnegarPhD - Board Member
    Pezhman Pars
    Pezhman ParsProject Manager
    Reza Tavakoli
    Reza TavakoliInternal Revision
    Sara Baghchehsaraee
    Sara BaghchehsaraeeBoard Member
    Sheyda Shafeei
    Sheyda ShafeeiProgram responsible for the Iranian Film Festival
    Tomaj Keyvani
    Tomaj KeyvaniProject Manager
    Taraneh Sheibani
    Taraneh SheibaniResearcher in Residence

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