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    There are millions of children that are deprived of what should be any child’s right, the right to education and to have a chance to form their own future. When poverty strikes, the very thing that can be the way out is often seen as a necessary sacrifice for survival, education. Too often for families, the expenses are too great to bare and the extra income from the children's labour becomes a necessity. According to ISNA, a major Iranian news agency, 3.5 million children aged 7-16 (over 20% of the country's children) are not attending school in 2016. Despite this crushing need, the large charity organizations of the world has no large fingerprint in Iran, due to sanctions and other various barriers to operate within the country, these children and their needs are neglected.

    Even though the statistics are already grim, the grey numbers are most likely larger due to the lack of educational registration and a large number of illegal immigrants escaping from the neighbouring war-torn nation of Afghanistan. For girls this creates a particularly difficult situation since too often, the sole option families are left with in an impossible situation, is to prematurely marry them off. This means a life spent deprived of all possibility to form their own future.

    If poverty is the grunt of the problem, education is at the core of the solution. According to UNESCO education is the most effective method of reintegration into society. Many of the families in need are in such a critical situation that a coverage of student fees, school books, travel expenses to the schools and similar can both enable the children to go to school and prevent drop outs.

    The children supported by the Yari foundation can be found all over Iran.


    How we identify children in need

    Yari uses several methods to identify which children to prioritize help to. Each child has a responsible field worker - these are essentially Yari’s “boots on the ground” and each field worker is responsible for several children but all are coordinated by the Yari “Coordination Group” in Tehran.
    The most common way a child is introduced to Yari is through the organization's field workers, who movess around and explore in-field, concentrating on areas where poverty is ripe and single out candidates who are both at need and have families willing to let their children attend school if proper financial support is provided. But, each member can also suggest candidates. In both cases, the Coordination Group in Tehran performs interviews with the family, child and checks their situation. If the candidate (child in question) passes scrutiny, their identification papers are gathered and put on a suggestion list which is sent to the Help committee in Sweden for final approval.
    The new candidates are prioritized foremost based on need, a judgment the help committee and coordination group makes collectively while taking into account important factors such as gender, disabilities, size of the family, if both parents are present or not, drug abuse and secondarily how long they have been in our “waiting list”

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