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Regarding Yari’s annual meeting 2020

Regarding Yaris Annual Meeting 2020 Soon Yari's annual meeting is coming and your participation is important. Before the annual meeting, all members have the opportunity to nominate themselves or others for next year's board. Read more about how and what it means in the attached PDF. A very warm welcome! Election Committee Email: valberedning@yari.se

1 in 5 children in Iran are deprived of education

Over 3 millions of children in Iran are deprived of education and over fifty percent of school dropouts are due to financial difficulties that families are facing resulting children in to child labor. We are on a mission to change that!

Watch and listen to real stories

Building a brighter future

Since 1999, the YARI Foundation has given thousands of children in Iran the opportunity to make an impact in their lives and communities through education.

We truly believe that education is the most powerful and effective way to bring change, independence, innovation and prosperity.

Currently we are supporting more than 800 children of all ages in different academic year groups. Our goal is to help over 5 000 children by 2023.

But we’re not done yet…

We need your help! Here’s how you can get involved.

Give a one time donation and help more children to a brighter future.


Educate a child with monthly donations. You will be updated on her progress.


Start your own campaign or fundraise one of our projects.


Our Core Principles

Transparent organization

We strongly believe that our work should be totally democratic and transparent, therefore all of our finances are triple controlled and processes are made available for you at any time.


One of our core principle is that 100% of our administrative costs are covered by earmarked donations from entrepreneurs.

Data driven decisions

We are a data driven charity organization. The ability to see our progress is imprinted in our data all the time, from your payments to individual grades and improvements of students under our care.

After 5 months of research into the charity world I decided to allocate half of my donation to Yari. Their solid digital backbone, full transparency, great humbleness and most importantly proven model is why I believe this organisation will continue to help more children in Iran to a better life.