1. 2 Schools is Kermanshah

    800,000kr donated of 800,000kr goal
  1. 2 Schools is Kermanshah

    800,000kr donated of 800,000kr goal

Karkhaneh & Sarab Niloufar Projects

On Sunday, November 12 of 2017, west of Iran were shaked by an earthquake with a magnitude 7.3 of the Richter scale. In the result, nearly 600 person are dead, 10,000 injured, villages, schools, and shops crushed to the ground. People lost their relatives, children lost their parents and families lost their homes. A few days after the event, the aid organizations left the area as no more survivors were found in the massacres. Instead of that, there is a needed for reconstruction of the villages. The best and most effective way to help at this stage is to help them financially.

Where we build the schools?

After the big earthquake in western Iran, Yari has snet colleagues to the area to assess which places are in highest need and where our help can make the most impact. Karkhaneh…..

How we build?

Yari is aware that the school we build has to be sustainable and create a safe environment for the children. Therefore, we have demanded that the building be anty-earthquake. Two independent civil engineers are going to review and secure the schools before handing over to us. The school consists of six education level with three classrooms and will be completed with a fenced school yard that children can play and be active in.

  • Type of school: Up to grade six
  • Three classrooms with a capacity of 25 children each
  • Earthquake Secure
  • 147 square meters
  • Complete enclosed school yard
  • An office for the teachers
  • A room for the one who take care of the school
  • 4 toilets

How do we work with the local society?

Yari works closely with the inhabitants of the village and when the school is completed, we help the locals to form a school association that takes responsibility for the school. In this way, we create a long-term perspective for the children, where everyone is involved in the management of the school and the children’s education. We will help the newly formed association

how to run a society in a constructive and good way.

What does the school cost?

The building costs 400,000 SEK, but after building we need at least 25,000 SEK annually for at least three years to run the school.

When the school is ready?

September 2018 is opening date of the school.

How does the project follow up?

During the whole process, Yari will follow up the project through our Swedish and Iranian organization, with continuous communication and on-site visits.

Opening day film!

Watch the story of schools that YARI built in Kermanshah after earthquake in 2017.