Chelnab, Varzaghan Project

The quakes, with magnitudes of 6.4 and 6.3, struck East Azerbaijan province of Iran in 2012, flattening villages and injuring thousands of people around the towns of Ahar, Varzaghan, and Harees, near the provincial capital Tabriz.  Many villages were hard to reach by road, hindering rescue efforts. People were scared and won’t go back into their houses because they fear the buildings aren’t safe. More than 1,000 villages in the area were affected by the earthquakes. Some 130 villages suffered more than 70 percent damage, and 20 villages were completely destroyed. Homes and business premises in Iranian villages, however, are often made of concrete blocks or mud brick that can crumble and collapse in a strong quake.

Since 1999, besides our sponsorship, Yari has created many libraries around the country. At the event of earthquake, Yari decided to raise donation to build a totally new school in the city of Chenab near Varzaghan. The new school gave the kids and their families hope and happiness of life back and through the Yari’s support program, the families themselves did not have to pay for the children’s education. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the children’s smile, watching the joy of life in their eyes as they come to school every morning.