As you might already hear in the news, unfortunately, a massive flash flood affected large parts of Iran, killed and injured many people and destroyed several buildings and houses. Yari foundation wishes to express its deepest sympathy to those affected by the flood and would like to inform you that fortunately, all of the children we support are doing well.

We try to have an overview of the situation and see where we can contribute to the reconstruction in a meaningful and effective way. Yari has close contact with all our contact persons in Iran and receives ongoing information on the situation in the affected areas and about our children. Our focus, like after the earthquakes in Azerbaijan and Kermanshah, is to step in after the immediate effects of the natural disaster have subsided. When other organizations leave the areas, we step in and start to rebuild.

We will soon launch major fundraising to finance the reconstruction of two schools. Children need a safe place to be developed after a traumatic event like a natural disaster means. Your help is vital for us to give children the security and opportunity of an education.