Today, 9th of May 2019, coincides with Yeganeh Abbasi Bacharach‚Äôs birthday, our beloved former colleague and enthusiast to the Yari Foundation who unfortunately left us with great sadness after her death last autumn. We at Yari Foundation have now set up a healthcare fund to the honor of Yeganeh. This healthcare fund will provide financial help to the children or children’s parents who need medical care in Iran.

The background to the establishment of a healthcare fund is on the initiative of some of Yaris members who in recent years collected donation in a bank account in Iran, to provide help to the Yari¬īs children covering their healthcare costs. After the passing of our beloved Yeganeh, these members have agreed to leave all the contributions to the Yari¬īs disposal and the Yari¬īs board has now decided to set up a health care fund in memory of Yeganeh¬īs initiative. This will enable us to act more actively and in a more informal way in order to contribute to the medical needs of our children.

The available deposit of the fund is currently about 1600 USD and from now on everybody can contribute by donating to the Yari Foundation. In order for us to specifically provide these donations to the healthcare fund, we kindly ask you to write “Yeganeh healthcare fund” when you donate (applies to all payment methods). We will continuously announce the value of the fund and if we have any urgent cases that needs extra funding.

To the loving memory of Yeganeh Abbasi Baharanch and thank you all who are helping the children in Iran.