On 18th May 2019, three awesome members of Yari foundation, Peiman, Siavoush, and Marcus, teamed up to run a half marathon (Göteborgsvarvet) for children of YARI on 18th May in Gothenburg. Their intention was to raise awareness on “children’s right to have access to education” and support the cause that Yari foundation is working with.

In parallel with this initiative, Marcus attempted to fundraise for children of Yari foundation in return for his effort and time. A partner company of Yari foundation pledged to double the sum raised during the #RunForYari campaign.

The campaign resulted in 5,480 SEK public donations and was doubled by the partner company to 10,960 SEK, giving a total of 16,440 SEK.

Thank you so much for your support and well done to our dedicated runners!