In the popular Swedish podcast ”Resan hit” (In English: The journey here) people who come from an immigrant background are interviewed about their life story and experiences. One of the people honored to have been interviewed is the chairperson of Yari Foundation, Siavoush Mohammadi.

In two different episodes of the podcast, Siavoush tells us about his experiences. From his childhood in Uppsala to his time as a researcher within space physics, and what it is that he is working on today when he is not busy with the Yari Foundation.

During the interview, he shares his thoughts on everything from integration to career choices and how it came about that the Yari Foundation was established 20 years ago. He also tells us about the key to Yari’s success, why the foundation had to be religiously and politically independent and how the foundation will work to give even more children the opportunity to attend school in the near future.

We firmly recommend this podcast if you’d like to learn more about the background and activities of the Yari Foundation, while also finding some inspiration in Siavoush’s journey to helping thousands of children receive an education!

Listen to podcast here