We dream of a world where every child has the possibility to attend school. Our goal is to help over 5,000 children by 2023. The Yari Foundation’s mission is to enable socially and economically marginalized children in Iran to complete their education, thus giving them a chance to fulfil their own potential and create a future for themselves.

We are glad to announce that at the start of the academic year of 2019, we sent 1000 students to school compared to the previous year which was 800 students. Students are aged 6-18 and are from throughout Iran. As we know the importance of education for girls, over half of our students (61%) are girls.

The Yari foundation is a non-profit charity which upon its establishment in 1999 in Uppsala, it was supporting 4 students only. Today, in its 20th anniversary, Yari is helping 1000 students. Furthermore, over 100 volunteers in Sweden, Canada and Iran dedicate their time and expertise to Yari for free.

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Yari provides a monthly scholarship for students in need. This amount is intended to cover school fees, food, clothes, books or travel expenses depending on the exact needs of that student. It’s a Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) which means that in return for the transfer Yari requires proof of attendance. Want to know more about CCT’s and why it is such an effective way of donating? Read here.

We sincerely thank you for trusting in us and we are firmly determined to reach more students in need.