Yari Iranin Film Festival is the oldest Iranian film festival out of Iranian boarders and the biggest in Europe which this year was held by screening 12 movies (long and short) on 11th and 12th October in Scandia cinema in Stockholm. Yari foundation has been organizing this festival since 2000 with the goal to promote Iranian cinema in Europe and dedicate all the proceeds to education of schoolchildren in Iran. 

During the last 19 years, Yari Iranin Film Festival has hosted many famous Iranian cinema icons from around the world. This year, the festival guests were well-known icons such as Shabnam Moghaddami (actress), Gelareh Abbasi (actress), Alireza Motamedi (actor, writer and director), Rouhollah Hejazi (Director, scriptwriter), Majid Reza Mostafavi (Director, producer and scriptwriter), and Ramtin Lavafipour (Director, writer).

In the closing ceremony of the 19th Yari Iranian Film Festival, the movie “Orange Days” directed by Arash Lahooti won the best long movie award, and “Manicure” directed by Arman Fayaz won the best short movie award

During the festival, groupe of generous donors sponsored 20 schoolchildren. Furthermore, 8865kr, equal to approximately 14 months of education for three students, was donated to the foundation.

The total income from the festival is one hundred ninety thousand Swedish krona which will be spent for education of financially and socially marginalised schoolchildren in Iran in full amount.

We are humbled to have the opportunity to promote Iranian cinema in western world as well as raising money to support more schoolchildren in need and make an impact in their futures. 

The Yari Foundation’s mission is to enable socially and economically marginalized children in Iran to complete their education, thus giving them a chance to fulfil their own potential and create a future for themselves. 

Yari foundation is currently supporting 1000 students and has an alumni of couple of thousands students for the last 20 years. Our goal is to help 5000 students per year by 2023. 

Join us on this journey and make an impact.