During Christmas celebrations (December 2019) a campaign created by Yari team with collaboration with professional film making team and at the result, 79 donors have donated 45928 SEK for the students supported by Yari plus 12 new supporters started monthly donation. The campaign had many different parts from a Video production and online marketing to sending emails and text messages to the Yari’s members. One of the most important parts of the campaign was the Christmas film which produced with the help of @Sprouting pictures.

Special thanks to Sturrekatten Cafe in Östermalm for their support.

  • Iman Khayyatan: Idea och Producer
  • Arantxa Hurtado: Director
  • Adrian Burt: DOP
  • Make up by Valentino: Makeup
  • Sara Hagnö: Acting
  • Christian Knell: Script writer