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Nordeas interna Iran policy


Plusgiro account closed Nordea has adopted a new strict Iran policy that prohibits interference in transactions, transactions or customer relations related to Iran. This means that the bank has decided to terminate the Yari's Plusgiro. See attached letter from Nordea. Unfortunately, this has consequences for us as the Swedish Fundraising Control rules for 90-account include that you must have a plusgiro with Nordea. Therefore, they are forced to withdraw the Yaris Association's right to use 90-account. Yari always ensures a buffer for the children, so in the near future the children will not be affected by this. More information about [...]

Nordeas interna Iran policy2021-11-24T18:36:52+01:00

Sistan Baluchistan School Project


Sistan Baluchistan School Project Background Due to the geographical condition of Sistan-Baluchestan and the large population distribution, the region has the lowest educational coverage in the country and the highest proportion of illiteracy. Lack of sufficient number of schools in populated areas, especially in rural areas, is one of the leading reasons for this. The province also has the lowest rate in schools per capital in the country. The Yari Foundation wants to help solve this challenge by building a school in a strategically chosen area and thus enabling thousands of children to receive [...]

Sistan Baluchistan School Project2021-03-22T15:12:06+01:00

YARI is building All-Girls Boarding School in Sistan-Baluchestan


YARI is building All-Girls Boarding School in Sistan-Baluchestan One of the biggest challenges in the province of Sistan-Baluchestan in Iran, is the low literacy rate and student absenteeism from school. We are on a mission to change that! After a major investigation, we have chosen the Lashar area and the village of Kahiri for the school project. The survey has shown that by building a larger boarding school, we will be able to enable more children from more villages to go to school. Our preliminary study has also indicated that this may have implicit positive effects in the region as it [...]

YARI is building All-Girls Boarding School in Sistan-Baluchestan2020-11-26T01:33:17+01:00

Yari’s Annual Assembly 2020


Because of Corona virus spreading, The annual meeting of Yari was held online in which the past year activities and the plan for the upcoming year presented, and the new board members were elected as well.  The graph shows the incredible development we have had in recent years and the rapidly growing rate for the last 3 years. Mina Abbasi has left the board for personal reasons, but she remains active in Yari’s activities. Saeed Abbasi and Elahe Hamidi were  introduced as new board members. Saeed has an engineering background, and Elahe has many years experience [...]

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Nowruz 1399 campaign


Year 1399 started with Covid19 spreading in Iran as well as other parts of the world. and many got affected financially because of Covid19. This encouraged us to try to help more students and their families. So no matter how difficult was the situation we ran our Nowruz campaign to collect donations for Yari's students and their families. We made a campaign film with help of Charsoo teater group and Yari's friends and at the result, 45300 SEK collected for the students supported by Yari. Special thanks to Dagsljusgroup for supporting Yari as always. Iman Khayyatan: Idea och Producer and [...]

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Christmas campaign 2020 – Recap


During Christmas celebrations (December 2019) a campaign created by Yari team with collaboration with professional film making team and at the result, 79 donors have donated 45928 SEK for the students supported by Yari plus 12 new supporters started monthly donation. The campaign had many different parts from a Video production and online marketing to sending emails and text messages to the Yari’s members. One of the most important parts of the campaign was the Christmas film which produced with the help of @Sprouting pictures. Special thanks to Sturrekatten Cafe in Östermalm for their support. Iman Khayyatan: Idea och Producer Arantxa [...]

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Årsmöte 2020 – online


Vi på Yari Foundation är väldigt tacksamma för att du som medlem hjälper barnen i Iran. I dessa Corona-tider så blir vårt stöd till barnen ännu viktigare. Vi som arbetar på Yari Foundation har behövt ställa om alla våra möten till följd av Coronaviruset. Bland annat påverkar det årsmöte för 2020. Därför har vi valt att genomföra mötet digitalt istället för att träffas fysiskt. Det kommer att gå jättebra trots allt och vi planerar att genomföra mötet  Söndagen den 17 maj klockan 11:00-13:00  Vi kommer inom kort att skicka en e-post till alla medlemmar med en instruktion på hur medlemmar kopplar [...]

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Annual meeting 2020 – online


We at the Yari Foundation are very grateful to you as a member for helping the children in Iran. In these Corona times, our support for the children becomes even more important. We who work at the Yari Foundation have had to reschedule all of our meetings as a result of the Corona virus. Among other things, it affects the annual meeting for 2020. Therefore, we have chosen to conduct the meeting digitally instead of physically. It will be great after all and we plan to hold the meeting on Sunday, May 17 from 11am to 3pm We will shortly send [...]

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Annual meeting is postponed


Vi är väldigt glada över att du som medlem överväger att närvara på vårt årsmöte nu på söndag den 8:e mars. Det är ett evenemang som vi i styrelsen sett fram mot extra mycket då vi har så otroligt fina resultat att visa er.  Vi har med anledning av rådande världsläge kopplat till coronaviruset fattat beslut om att flytta fram datumet för Yaris årsmöte 2020. Vi kommer därmed INTE att genomföra årsmötet nu på söndag den 8:e mars. Vi är fullt medvetna om att det inte råder några rekommendationer från Folkhälsomyndigheten som påverkar vårt beslut. Vi vill heller inte vara [...]

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Regarding Yari’s annual meeting 2020


Regarding Yaris Annual Meeting 2020 Soon Yari's annual meeting is coming and your participation is important. Before the annual meeting, all members have the opportunity to nominate themselves or others for next year's board. Read more about how and what it means in the attached PDF. A very warm welcome! Election Committee Email: valberedning@yari.se

Regarding Yari’s annual meeting 20202020-01-20T13:59:57+01:00