Sistan Baluchistan School Project


Sistan Baluchistan School Project Background Due to the geographical condition of Sistan-Baluchestan and the large population distribution, the region has the lowest educational coverage in the country and the highest proportion of illiteracy. Lack of sufficient number of schools in populated areas, especially in rural areas, is one of the leading reasons for this. The province also has the lowest rate in schools per capital in the country. The Yari Foundation wants to help solve this challenge by building a school in a strategically chosen area and thus enabling thousands of children to receive [...]

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Chelnab, Varzaghan


Chelnab, Varzaghan Project The quakes, with magnitudes of 6.4 and 6.3, struck East Azerbaijan province of Iran in 2012, flattening villages and injuring thousands of people around the towns of Ahar, Varzaghan, and Harees, near the provincial capital Tabriz.  Many villages were hard to reach by road, hindering rescue efforts. People were scared and won’t go back into their houses because they fear the buildings aren’t safe. More than 1,000 villages in the area were affected by the earthquakes. Some 130 villages suffered more than 70 percent damage, and 20 villages were completely destroyed. Homes and business premises in Iranian [...]

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2 Schools in Kermanshah – Karkhaneh & Sarab Niloufar


Karkhaneh & Sarab Niloufar Projects On Sunday, November 12 of 2017, west of Iran were shaked by an earthquake with a magnitude 7.3 of the Richter scale. In the result, nearly 600 person are dead, 10,000 injured, villages, schools, and shops crushed to the ground. People lost their relatives, children lost their parents and families lost their homes. A few days after the event, the aid organizations left the area as no more survivors were found in the massacres. Instead of that, there is a needed for reconstruction of the villages. The best [...]

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