Gifts that can change lives

1 in 5 children in Iran are deprived of education and you can change that with your gift!
Over the last 20 years, Yari foundation has provided financial support to thousands of students and currently is supporting 1000 students.

You can also donate any amount by SWISH:


Why should I be a monthly donor?2020-01-21T14:45:13+01:00

As a monthly donor, you enable children to build their own future through education.

How does Yari spend money?2019-04-22T14:53:49+01:00

One of our core principle is that 100% of your donation goes directly to the children. Our low administrative costs are supported by a group of private donors, foundations and entrepreneurs.

I need help. How can I contact Yari?2019-08-09T21:25:27+01:00

You are welcome to email us at in case if you need any help.