Yaris check up on children’s school attendance consists of several parts.
Systematic checks: all children’s certifications and grades are collected twice a year (when the semesters end). The children’s contact persons also carry out two direct controls per year with each school to ensure that the children physically attend school as well. The data is then imported into our bespoke IT systems that automatically flags and notificies us if a child are missing proof of attendance or even if their grades has dropped significantly. We control the grades since we have seen strong correlation between dramatic changes in grades with dramatic changes in their lives. A dramatic negative change signals that something serious has happened and that the family or child might need further support or help which we will try to provide.
Random samples done by our coworkers in Iran: Our central organisation do sample testing by contacting the children and their families directly.
Visits by our board members: Our board members regularly visits Iran and then also visits sites where we are active in order to do their own sample testing as well.
Democratised controls: As a sponsor you are encouraged to have contact with the families, this also means that you are able to notify us if you feel something isn’t right. Note: We are always there in the beginning of initiating contact, in order to ensure the safety of the children.