3110, 2019

School Start Campaign – Result

This past autumn, we intended to find sponsors for 50 students who were on the waiting list in order to go to school at the beginning of the academic year. Therefore, we ran “more sponsors, more students” campaign from 1st to 31st September.  We are glad to announce that all 50 students were sent to school successfully. Furthermore, Yari [...]

206, 2019

Canada Office Launch

Sunday 2nd June 2019 was a historical day for Yari Foundation. We officially launched in Canada. We are very humbled by this occasion and take this opportunity to spread our wings and reach more children to provide financial means to continue their education. Our mission is to sponsor 5,000 children by 2023. This is only possible with support from the [...]

2005, 2019

“Resan Hit” podcast interviews Yari chairperson

In the popular Swedish podcast ”Resan hit” (In English: The journey here) people who come from an immigrant background are interviewed about their life story and experiences. One of the people honored to have been interviewed is the chairperson of Yari Foundation, Siavoush Mohammadi. In two different episodes of the podcast, Siavoush tells us about his experiences. From his [...]

1905, 2019

Run for Yari Report

On 18th May 2019, three awesome members of Yari foundation, Peiman, Siavoush, and Marcus, teamed up to run a half marathon (Göteborgsvarvet) for children of YARI on 18th May in Gothenburg. Their intention was to raise awareness on “children’s right to have access to education” and support the cause that Yari foundation is working with. In parallel with this [...]