How we work

We help children by supplying a monthly cash transfers to each child on the condition that they attend their education continuously. Our team works closely on the ground with their families and communities to make sure that donations are accounted for. Learn more about how we identify children in need, our team on the ground, how we measure their attendance and progress.

Our numbers

Our progress

Our dream is to make sure that all children have a chance to educate themselves. Since 1999, we have helped thousands of children through their basic education, enabling them to start their university studies, using public donations to fund their education, and proving where every donation goes through data, proof of examinations and third party controlling by the Swedish Fundraising Control and our accounting firm KPMG.

Where we work

We have a presence in all Iran. Our possibilities to have a local presence, economical situation in the area and the collaboration with local communities all play a part in where we chose to work. The map will show where we currently are active.

YARI uses several methods to identify which children to prioritize help to. Each child has a responsible field worker – these are essentially our “boots on the ground” and each field worker is responsible for several children, but all are coordinated by a central coordination group in Tehran and Stockholm. 

The most common way a child is introduced to us is through our field workers, who moves around and explore in-field concentrating on areas where poverty is wide spread. He or She then pin points candidates whom are both at need and have families willing to let their children attend school.

How we distribute funds

Twice a year, the help committee looks over YARI’s income, growth and existing capital to predict how many children we should be able to support by the year’s end. The amount that each child is receiving in the local currency is also revised to account for inflation and increase in other costs.

This process makes sure funds are distributed to the children under our support and controls that the children have actually attended school during the year.