Our team consists of highly talented and driven professionals who dedicate their time and professional knowledge to help drive our organization so that we can help more children. Neither our board members nor our volunteers receive any monetary compensation.

Siavoush Mohammadi
Siavoush MohammadiChair person & Product owner
Minna Katebi
Minna KatebiBoard Member
Hossein Enssi
Hossein EnssiBoard Member
Minoo Mohseni
Minoo MohseniBoard Member
Parisa Zarnegar
Parisa ZarnegarBoard Member
Kamyar Forozesh
Kamyar ForozeshBoard Member
Mina Abbasi
Mina AbbasiBoard Member
Fatemeh Zarvani
Fatemeh ZarvaniBoard Member
Essan Ijadi
Essan IjadiBoard Member
Mahvash Gordini
Mahvash GordiniBoard Member
Reza Tavakoli
Reza TavakoliInternal Audit
Faramarz Nilfroushan
Faramarz NilfroushanInternal Revision
Majid Mohammadi
Majid MohammadiScrum master & Head of Customer care
Sara Baghchehsaraee
Sara BaghchehsaraeeSupport Team Member
Haleh Nowroozi
Haleh NowrooziHealthcare Fund
David Khabbazi
David KhabbaziCommunication Strategist
Negin Namazi
Negin NamaziCommunity Manager
Soroush Elmi
Soroush ElmiMarketing & Communication Manager
Iman Khayyatan
Iman KhayyatanCreative Designer & Web developer
Taraneh Sheibani
Taraneh SheibaniResearcher in Residence
Maryam Delforoush
Maryam DelforoushElection committee member
Sasha Hassani
Sasha HassaniElection committee member
Parisa Javanmard
Parisa JavanmardElection committee member
Parinaz Ijadi
Parinaz IjadiProduct Owner
Mohsen Khalkhali
Mohsen KhalkhaliYari Coordinator Canada
Vida Jannesar
Vida JannesarEvent Manager Canada