Organisation information

  • 817605-2507
  • Post: Box 10041, 750 10 Uppsala, Sweden
  • Visit: 5th fl., Sankt Göransgatan 159, 112 17 Stockholm
  • Phone nr: +46-(0)8-51760388  /  +46 (0)737 70 4042

Payment Method

Yari foundation is offering these payment methods for members: Autogiro (only in Sweden), Card payment, Invoice (only in Sweden)

The due date for all transactions is on 28th each month.

Changing Payment Method

If you like to change card, bank or bank account from which monthly donations are done, you can do it anytime by contacting our customer support.


Also, your subscription for sponsorship or monthly donations for the children applies until you cancel it. You can at any time cancel your subscription by contacting our customer care or through your bank/card provider.

To stop transfers/payments that has not yet been carried out, you need to notify us about your cancellation at least 5 days before the due date regardless of if it is through card or through bank transfers. If you do it through your card provider or bank then you need to make the changes at least one day before the due date.

The due date for all transactions is on 28th each month.

You are welcome to contact our customer care at or call +46-(0)8-51760388 or +46-(0)7-37704042.