We are considering purchasing this unit, but wonder if it was possible to operate the cameras with a 100 foot or longer video cable? I bought the warranty so I guess my only option at this point is return it and get a brand new one from HF, which means I will lose all memory saved on it and that really sucks , but Im out of options and more importantly patients with it. Select Enable and then you can select a Server. I need help with resetting my password. I got the system work after port forwarding the router and changing the public IP. There's a Facebook group .. 63890 might find it in a search :). I don't see any indication that there is support for IP cameras in the menus or user manual. How do I use the smart search feature its mentioned in the manual but no such button in the playback screen. The system will record without any internet connection and you can play back the recorded video using the mouse (or the remote control) that connects to the DVR and watch on the TV that you have connected. Error posting question. Change the IP address field to your new name instead of an IP address. IMPORTANT INFORMATIONNo 3 Cables to Splitter/DVR Power - Red to Splitter Video - Yellow to Video Output DO NOT PLUG IN OR MOUNT CAMERAS YET! This comment has been removed by the author. Have you tried the VGA port and did you find a setting that changed the resolution to the VGA port? I am wondering if Cobra supports this function. Save video recordings locally for added safety and protection with no hidden cloud fees. Bug reports - things that definitely don't work right. Shop for cobra 4 channel wireless surveillance system with 2 cameras at Best Buy. Please could someone just find the pin on the board to make a factory reset of the machine??? I will likely have a lot of questions. This camera is designed for use with the Cobra 8 Channel Surveillance DVR (sold separately). Includes initial monthly payment and selected options. Sensor inputs - is there another model with this feature. Please help me. I recently had a power outage do to the hurricane that passed through my area. It worked fine for about a week. Its copied so dark I can't make out anything in the screenshots provided. Please post your tips and I'll update the blog appropriately. Discover magazines for computer and electronics enthusiasts. The cameras have no video and the screen says "NO HDD". 4 Monitor or TV to DVR 5 Mouse to DVR 6 Power Adapter to DVR 7 Power to Surge Protector Plug in Monitor and Adapters 8 Setup Wizard Click Next REQUIRED! Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. HD 8 Channel Security Camera Systems: 1080p vs. 1440p . Unfortunately, if you have trees nearby, I don't know of a way to keep from getting a lot of recordings on a windy day. I get an "Offline" message if I leave the RXCamView App open while viewing a camera feed, and then let the phone's display go off (or press the phone's power button). Tech Unlimited Protect Many Devices with 1 Plan (Renews Monthly Until Cancelled)". In the Main menu, Parameter/Output Tab shows the supported resolutions: 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1280x720, 1920x1080. This is where owners can share their tips and tricks (and even hacks) to get the most out of this device! Parameter-> Mainstream menu for cameras 1 through 4, I found that I could monitor sound when viewing a camera live or in playback mode. Cameras: These cameras are touted as HD (effective resolution 1920x1080) They use the word "effective" since the cameras are analog not digital. I was NOT at the Cobra so I could not reply with that information, but I thought I would pass this info on. Please try again later. Low light sensor automatically adjusts from day to night vision. As for Dropbox, that's another story - sorry I don't know about Dropbox. If this repeats, you may have a dud. Cobra SC 200D. A $99 service fee will apply to claims on products with a purchase price of $500 and up. Any help with the email notifications with Google would be awesome I have put all there dns servers in and it tells me wrong dns I have called Google they say it's right get with cobra ,cobra says it's Google I'm at a loss any suggestions. There is a wire connector for the RS-485 PTZ control. See answer on April 19. Ships from and sold by Clearance Wholesale Outlet. Read this material before using this product. Q: I am trying to set up my RXCAMVIEW to my NVR. If the list has many items, you can use the scrollbar to see more - or click the ">>" button to see the next page of the list.-When you've decided on a clip that you want to save, click the checkbox to the left of the clip (you can select as many clips as you like).-Click Backup-Select File format. I'd like to compile a list of changes that people notice with different versions. We have had several incidents at our house that wouldve been great to prove happened, but it never records anything I have tried and tried and tried and tried and tried, but cannot get it to record also, the night vision sucks. Tools required for assembly and service may not be included. I need to get back to like a factor reset some how but nothing online tells you how, Ok so what I did was call HF and said mine was not working and that I just wanted to exchange my DVR cuz it was not working cuz I did not want to redo all my cameras and cables yes I did have to throw a fit but I got it done and yes just use 8 numbers cuz if you use more it won't work and now that o done that it works great cause their is no other way, what the F does cuz mean People like you show just how stupid this country is becoming. Try connecting to another TV - or computer monitor. I have ssme problem I have to touch the black screen it will show a square with squiggle line in it touch that bring up hd touch hd and repeat each channel only way I can do it it wont safe. This is good for PTZ which some do support. (Too bad you can't display four cameras on one monitor and four cameras on the other monitor. I havent ever encountered anything that Ive had to jump through so many hoops with to us. Specifically to help those who want to make use of its features but were not able to figure out how to set it up - or get a particular feature to work. My guess is that the processor inside the DVR is not powerful enough to stream live video very well. Thank you! aLaw 8000Hz mono 64kbps" so don't expect it to be high quality. A: Hope you're still out there. Turn off the machine and insert the USB, then turn back on. I haven't updated the firmware. Harbor Freight Cobra 8 Channel Surveillance Camera System Pt 1 System Unbox and Overview - 1080p SnapWhole Harbor Freight Reviews 49K views 2 years ago 26:57 Honest Review: Harbor Freight Cobra. Other products in the COBRA lineup include the 4K NVR Indoor/Outdoor POE Weather Resistant Camera ($99.99) and the 8 Channel 1080p NVR Wireless Security System with Two Weather Resistant Cameras ($249.99). That will require knowing what IP address your internet provider has assigned to your router. After several repetitions of unplugging the unit and re-booting it, the issue resolved and Ive had no further issues with it. They aren't PTZ, but you have to go to the PTZ menu and hit the IRIS + button to access the extra features. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! Write down all the login and server information. Are you talking about the same system? 12v. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Next, type in the DVR's username and password, and select Start Live Preview to view your system. I have not found a way to save specific recorded events other than saving the event to a USB drive. The HDMI port seems to work normally. I noticed that the reviews on "RXCamView" and saw several people are complaining that the newest version doesn't work. Remote: EXPERT TECH HELP: Real experts are available 24/7 to help with set-up, connectivity issues, troubleshooting and more. If you or anyone reading this finds an answer - please share it with the group. When I unzip the software file, the HDVRUPGRADE directory shows a long string of numbers: D1108NR-16V 170522V 180507V 180606V 180611V 180611 .sw. Harbor Freight Cobra 8 Channel Surveillance System Pt 1 System Unbox and OverviewAll Videos for the Cobra Wired Security Systemhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?. It does not tell you how to do this in the manual. If I wait 20 minutes and then unlock the phone's screen, I see the the message, "Offline" but if I wait a few seconds, the picture comes back - so I guess it re-connects automatically. The Type column indicates what caused the recording "N=Normal Timed Recording" "M=Motion event".-You can click on an item in the list (it will turn blue) and a play icon will appear. $149.95 $149.95. CREATE USER NAME. (I have not tried this). What do I do from here? I just checked and that menu does nothing with my cameras. If yours is longer try making a shorter password - then try again. I have not used this app, but I looked in the Google Play Store and found two similarly named apps "RXCamView" and "RXSmartCam" both by the author Yang DaJun. Email our technical support at: productsupport@harborfreight.com, When unpacking, make sure that the product is intact. You are half way there. Take care and God bless. Ask Your Own Home Security Systems Question wisalkh 5,966 Satisfied Customers wisalkh is online now Continue Have you tested network connection to your Cobra? As for deleting recordings, this should be handled automatically for recordings on your Cobra. I don't understand how the hard drive could be bad after only a year? I stumbled across this on accident. I cant seem to find any reboot or such for this feature or dvr. Each cable is actually a pair of conductors that are for power and video. Check the better options than the 1080p wireless 8ch CCTV system inside. How do you set the clock it is in military time Thanks. How do you get passed the username and password part when it keeps saying error. I configured the app to use my dynamic domain and port forwarded 9000. I have a hard wired system and FiOS running at 100Mbps (up and down) and it still drops a lot of frames - even using WiFi inside my house. A huge 1TB hard drive comes pre-installed and ready for recording. Having same problem. odd it was working fine. This would make the camera think that it's daytime. Password error, i never set up a password i just looked online for the default. I tried hooking up to my 4K TV using HDMI and that didn't work either. 1) I am trying to find a way to delete recordings to free up my full def. Same here can go back and watch won't let my pass word work I just want to reset it all please help. I have had my system for maybe a year and a half and it just started doing this. Media Player Classic recognized that the .MP4 file had an audio track, but it didn't recognize the aLaw codec used. Like a 4T? The Cobra DVR has no built-in WiFi, just Ethernet.ButI wonder if an external device could be connected to the Ethernet port that would allow you to go wireless - it seems like it should work.

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